Why Arbulé

We called our agritourism Arbulé, just like the family vineyard which stands on sun-kissed terraces. Here once grew the "arbui", chestnut trees in local dialet, (not "generic trees", like Latin etymology would suggest). Today, however, this is the area of production of one of the most excellent wines of Valtellina.

Just from our vines of chiavennasca (nebbiolo) precious bunches are born that give an excellent wine (called precisely Inferno) with great personality, intense ruby red color, scent of spices, withered flowers and small red fruits.

Arbulé farmhouse is born from love for land and tradition and to give new life to the land and family buildings, in memory of our grandfather Franco.

Agritourism in Sondrio

The restoration of the facility

Originally built in the 60s as a stable and barn, it became over the years a warehouse for the processing and storage of apples, today turned into a tourist accomodation for all those who are looking for a quiet, comfortable family environment either for work or study, or simply for leasure.

A modern and comfortable agritourism

Relaxation and tranquillity 

We are pleased to welcome you and share moments of tranquility in a comfortable, modern and welcoming place located in a natural environment which from cultivated fields of the valley sweeps over the terraced vineyards, to the thick woods of the Orobie up to the spectacular peaks.

An eco-bio agritourism in Sondrio

Eco - bio

Breakfast Km. 0
LED lighting with low energy consumption
Underfloor heating with wood / pellet biomass boiler
Climate thermoregulation
Thermal and photovoltaic solar panels
Thermoacoustic insulation
Large thermal insulating windows
Differentiated waste collection

Our rooms, the coziest welcome




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